Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hello! It's about halfway through the weekend. I hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Quent and I watched a couple of movies tonight while I knitted. I finished Quent's first slipper and worked on my shrug. I only have 8 rounds left of the shrug and then I can sew the sleeves on and then I'm finished!!! Whoohoo! Now I'm in the mood to scrapbook, but my eyes are feeling tired.

Here's a page I scrapped a few days ago:

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Leslie said...

What a great sb page! I really need to get back to my digi pages myself.

Good luck with your shrug! Thanks for your kind words about mine. I might try putting mine in the dryer to see if I can shrink it a little bit, but otherwise I'll just wear it with a button or shawl pin so it pulls it snugger.

Can't wait to see yours though! I love the color you are knitting with - it's so pretty.

Jessica said...

Great page of all of us!! I like the colors! :)