Saturday, January 15, 2011

Knitting projects

Happy Saturday! Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations! Quent and I are both so excited about having a little one!

I thought I would blog about some knitting projects I'm working on (or still working on).

For Quent's Christmas present I am knitting him slippers. The colors are orange and brown, with orange being the main color. We both really like the color orange, which makes me happy because I love working on projects that have orange in it. I started working on it yesterday, January 14th. They are felted 'clog' slippers. Already I have to start over because I realized that I was using the wrong color for the sole. I was supposed to be using brown, but I didn't realize that until the last row of the first part of the pattern. Oops! So I will pull out the yarn and start again. I'm ok with that because now I'm more familiar with the pattern. I'm using Cascade Yarn 220 for the project. I bought one skein of the brown, not realizing that I would need to use double yarn throughout the whole pattern. (That's what I get for not reading the pattern all the way through). So instead of buying another skein of brown, I decided I would wind up the yarn from both sides and just cut the yarn in the middle so I would have two balls at the end. It worked perfectly. And the cats helped me (cough) this morning as I did that. I don't mind winding the yarn by hand, but I have to say this time I am now tempted to buy a yarn winder. Right now I just put the skein around a chair and unwind. I'm hoping these slippers will be done before spring. Hee, hee. As Quent keeps on saying, "The check is in the mail." Yeah, yeah...

And then there's the Francesca Shrug I'm still working on. I have the good excuse that other projects took priority over this one, but now I'm working on this again. I did bring it with me on our flights to Michigan and back, but I didn't get as much done on it as I thought. I'm halfway through the last part of the pattern. It's hard to see what it looks like from this picture, but the top is the collar/neck. I'm working in the round right now. There are 408 stitches in one round, and I have 34 rounds to complete. I have 17 completed so far. Whew! Even though it's tedious work, it's rather relaxing. After this part is over then I get to sew the sleeves on. I'm really hoping that part goes well. (I'm not sure why the first picture of the shrug looks so blue, but it's probably my bad photo editing skills. It's more gray than blue.)

And of course Tigger had to come check everything out when I was taking pictures. Funny kitty!

After I complete the slippers for Quent, I have plans to make another pair of slippers for myself. And then I want to knit a bunch of baby stuff, like little booties, a blanket or two, etc. I can't wait!!
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Nettie said...

Woohooo on the baby news!!!!!

when is baby Smith arriving :)

ooooo I am so happy for you I have goosebumps....

Leslie said...

I saw the most gorgeous deep orange color of Debbie Bliss Rialto yarn at my local yarn store and was so tempted to buy it to use one day.

And your shrug is looking awesome! Can't wait to see how yours turns out because that grayish color is so lovely.