Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Always Remember

Hello! Happy Tuesday! I'm blogging since I had an unsuccessful time of trying to take a nap today. Someone in the neighborhood is doing some type of construction, so the noise kept me from sleeping. I really could use some sleep...

I created this page a couple of days ago:

My goal over the weekend was to finish Quent's first slipper and to finish the shrug. I finished one slipper (did I mention that already?), but I did not finish the shrug. But I finished knitting the 34 rounds! Hallelujah! The next step is to sew the sleeve seams onto the body of the shrug, but that first requires getting out the handy dandy iron and 'blocking' everything. I dislike ironing very much, and sewing seams isn't my favorite either (plus I probably need a nap), so I'm procrastinating (again). Maybe on my next day off....

I did make a decent size Knit Picks order over the weekend for some future projects. I also have some yarn in my cart on Jimmy Beans Wool, but I just haven't committed to that purchase yet.
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