Sunday, February 20, 2011

El Capitan cave

We woke up this morning to 4 inches of snow. Ugh! We didn't have any snow on the ground before that. Hopefully it will all quickly melt away. A year ago today it was already spring. I had already seen bumble bees and the crocuses were in full-bloom. When will spring come?

This morning I realized that I hadn't been creative yet this weekend so I asked Quent this morning if I could hog the computer and scrap. I wasn't feeling too creative, but I wanted to scrap. Have you ever felt that way? So when I saw this layout, I thought I would scrap lift.

I could have scrapped the pictures of when we went to the cave in so many entirely different ways, but I just wanted something simple and pretty looking. And since I'm trying to scrap in order (well, sorta), I decided to do that for the cave topic. There were several pictures that were taken when we were in the cave, but this one is my favorite and sums it all up.
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Nettie said...

I really like this.
I see some digi scraplifting in the future ;)