Monday, February 7, 2011

Two pages

Hola! Did you have a good Superbowl weekend? I was in the same room as the television during the game, but it was more like background noise while I worked on Quent's second slipper. I'm happy for the Packers and all of our friends from Wisconsin. Anyway, about those slippers: I finished the main part of the slipper. Everything was going well until the very end when you are supposed to have so many stitches. Let's just say that I had to undo some things and now I'm just hoping it all works out. So I would say I'm more than halfway finished with the second slipper.

The other day I received my box of goods from Knit Picks, now I'm just waiting to finish the slippers and my shrug (cough) before I start on those other projects.

And I am happy to say that over the weekend I finally worked on some digital designs! Whoohoo! I will show some of that tomorrow! I have so many ideas to work on now. Yeah!

And last, but not least, here are a couple of pages I worked on last week:

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fromafarr said...

Momma Mary, what a beauty!! Love that page!