Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Room Update

A few days ago Quent hung some of the wall art and things I've created for the baby room. It's been so fun putting these sweet little touches to the room. There's more to come, so I will take more pics in the future.

One of the wall art frames has the first letter of the name we've had picked out for our daughter for a long time--like years and years--but it's going to be kept a secret until the day she is born. Hee, hee! When people ask us what we are having and we tell them it's a girl, then they ask if we have names picked out. Some are surprised that we have already settled on a name. When I tell them it's a secret they laugh. Quent has a made-up name: Gertrude Agnes Smith. GAS. Oh dear! Some people don't realize he's joking and they ask politely, "Is that a family name?" Haha!

I created the giraffe wall art and had it printed. The middle frame will have a black & white picture of the baby...eventually. The dresser next to the crib will be the diaper changing table, which will be moved over a bit after we move the guest bed out of the bedroom.

I've wanted to create this butterfly mobile for the longest time. Quent gave me some fishing line to use to hang the butterflies. It worked perfect! I cut out the butterflies with the Big Shot die-cut machine. The cats were really interested when I was working on this project.

Well, this is all for now! Have a great day!

P.S. I've been feeling her move! It's so wonderful!


Jeremy and Kate said...

Beautiful room so far Christina! I love the orange and the quilt is so unique and perfect. Glad you are doing well. :)

Jessica said...

I had meant to comment on this a long time ago.. guess I forgot. I just LOVE everything you've done in the room! That butterfly mobile is ADORABLE! Where did you get the dresser/changing table from? I've been looking for one almost just like that! I've found a few but not quite like what I want.