Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello! Happy rainy Tuesday to ya! Well, at least that's our weather for today. The sun seems to be a little shy these days. But what do I expect for one of the wettest places on the planet? Living in a temperate rainforest brings just that...rain! Anyway...I don't think I've shared this layout on the blog yet. I created it using a kit that will be coming out in a few days.

I'm tempted to make a quilt for our bedroom. I'm really close to purchasing some fabric...really close. A few days ago I finished another baby blanket I was working on. I'm not really happy with the results though. It's ok, but I think I sorta messed up some stuff. Oh well! A few days ago I ordered some more yarn to make a baby hat and to make some slippers for myself. Remember the slippers I knit for Quent? The ones that I basically never wanted to make ever again if I could help it? Well, those are the ones I'm going to make for myself. After he has been wearing them for a few months, I'm seeing how they would probably last a long, long time. And I'm needing something to wear around the house...sooooo...I decided I would do it. Right now I'm also finishing up the pants I've been slowly working on. I have lots of little projects I'm working on right now to keep me busy as I'm waiting for the last 2 months before baby comes.

Have a fun day!
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