Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Journal Update

I have been wanting to post some of the baby journal pages for some time now, so I'm happy to be doing that today. I had an early start today. Baby is teething (doc said she should be getting teeth in the next couple of weeks--no joke!), so I've been hearing a lot of crying. Being a mom is the most challenging thing I've ever experienced! WHEW!!!!! But it's all worth it! Even when you want to cry yourself because you just want one more hour of sleep.

For the most part I've been staying current with the journal pages. I do all of my journaling in my email account so I can access it from anywhere. It's been a nice process so far and I've enjoyed it. And it's really the only scrapbooking I have successfully done the last few months.

I'm so glad Quent took those pictures for Week 17 because if he didn't, we would have had no pictures for that week. It was a crazy week!

Well, I'm off to get the baby.

I'll post more soon!
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Jamie R. said...

Nice to have you back on this site. Happy New Year.