Saturday, January 21, 2012

Need help finding something!

I'm trying to find some sort of page protector that I can put things like hospital bracelets and other keepsakes in that will keep them in the pages and not fall out. I've been looking online and I cannot seem to find anything. I know there has to be something like that out there. The closest I came to finding something like that was something Ali Edwards posted about when she was talking about her daughter's baby book, but it looks like that product is unavailable. I'm about to just make my own, but I'd rather just have something already made because time is precious these days.

Please let me know if you know of anything. This would be something that would fit into a 3-ring 12x12 binder. Thank you!

Oh, I was also wondering if the Project Life pages would be something like this? Does stuff fall out of those?

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Jamie R. said...

Project Life makes the big 12x12 envelope page protectors. I haven't purchased any. And I think 3M makes little sticky keepsake pockets you can adhere to your page. I still have all the baby mementos in ziploc bags.