Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big Yawn

Hello! Are you having a fabulous February so far? Instead of snow, we are getting rain, but I'm ok with that! I am looking forward to spring though. I miss going on walks. And I can't wait to take walks with Jeralyn in the stroller! And possibly push her in the jogger stroller while I run! Before I get too excited I better remind myself that it is still winter.

My little word for the year is CREATE. I'm seeing the challenge in that with a little one. Maybe it's something I just really need to make a priority.

As you can guess, we have been taking lots of pictures of our little girl. I'm going to try to not scrap all of them, but it's going to be hard not to. But maybe not since time is precious these days. The page below has pictures I just had to scrap because when Jeralyn yawns she looks so much like Quent when he yawns. I remember that really standing out to me and so I scrapped about it.

Recently, I had the first 20 weeks of her journal printed through Persnickety Prints and now those pages are in her journal. I did make my own little rendition of a page protector like I was asking about in a previous post. But I think I may need to modify it--it's kind of hilarious! I LOVE looking at those finished, printed pages in her album. I'll take pictures of what it looks like so far--soon!

I'm also finishing up some baby booties/slippers I am making for her. So I guess I have a few posts due soon!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!
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