Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"J" and Pinterest

Ah, I see that Blogger has decided to change some things.  So hopefully I can post from the computer I work from. new new addiction...shall I say more?  I love it!  I love the inspiration I find!  But it's awfully dangerous.  DANGEROUS!  Have I mentioned before that I'm an 'all or nothing' person?  Well, the hardest thing for me about Pinterest is that I want to live in reality.  I don't like pinning things that aren't attainable.  I don't see the point.  Does that take the fun out of it?  Probably.  Yes, I do have a board labeled "Dreamy White Kitchen" where I collect ideas for a kitchen remodel that may happen someday.  Someday.  So I try my best to stay in the realm of reality.  I guess my thought is if I can't have it, why pin it?  Haha!  I know, I'm so boring, right?

So the very first thing I pinned was something attainable.  I just fell in love.  And so my love affair began and one click on an Etsy link and I was smitten.

Peggy from Letter Perfect Designs was amazing to work with!  I had ideas in my mind and she had color combos for me to choose from.  And so after many conversations back and forth on Etsy, I arrived at my decision:

I don't think my photo really does justice, so you will just have to come and see it for yourself (haha!).  For many years I've been in love with the letter "J", and now we all know why.


My sweet baby J.

Anyway, I'm loving this new addition to the walls of Jeralyn's room!

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