Monday, August 27, 2012

All Smiles

Hello there!  I don't blog as much as I used to.  Hmmm...wonder why?  *wink*  But I did get to scrap today.  I am almost officially done scrapping 2011 photos.  I may be after this page, but I have to double-check. 

My days are full of this sweet girl!  And now she's taking one nap a day, so my time is even more precious.  Well, all of my time is precious because it's spent with her.  *smile*  What I mean is that I am in the midst of figuring out how I want to do some things, like exercising and scrapping.
I've been knitting a lot of slippers and baby booties lately.  I have a project I want to start soon, but it may have to wait until I knit another gift project.
I'm also enjoying reading an assortment of books, everywhere from historical fiction to books about homeschooling. 
I dream of stamping again...but that may have to wait.
This page was used with primarily this digital set.

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