Thursday, November 29, 2012

Knitting here and there

I currently have 3 knitting projects going.  Here are some glimpses:

A beaded shawl.  Probably one of the most challenging projects I've done.  I was intimidated at first because I never did beading with knitting, but it's been surprisingly easy.  There are 300+ stitches each row and it's lace thread, so this is taking awhile (aka forever).  The picture doesn't really do justice to the beauty.

I knit this Christmas stocking for Jeralyn.  I'm NOT a sock knitter, but this was a fun project (and there was only ONE--I don't like knitting socks because you finish one and then have to do another--unless...oh never mind).  I simplified the project by just doing two colors, where the original pattern calls for 3 colors.  I should have taken a picture next to a penny to show scale.  You can find the FREE pattern here.  It took me about 2 days to knit this, but it would have been less time if I didn't have to pull out the toe part two times.  The 3rd time is a charm, right?  I really like this simple pattern.  I will probably use it for future children (future--when that time comes).  *smile*  Oh, and I just bought some purple sequins that I will sew onto the purple.  I will take more/better pictures (showing scale) once it's truly completed.
How about you?  Any projects you are trying to finish up this year?

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