Thursday, November 29, 2012

Play Kitchen Sketch

So this isn't a stamping, scrapbooking, or knitting project, but it is a project...a building project.  Quent and I are going to make Jeralyn a play kitchen.  We don't want to go too crazy with Christmas gifts for our little girl, but it's almost hard not to.  Oops!  Originally, we were going to get her a couple of books (she LOVES books), a couple of stocking stuffers, a scooter car thing, and maybe some Duplos.  Well, I scratched the Duplos idea when we were recently visiting at my inlaws.  My 22 month old nephew has a play kitchen and Jeralyn just loved it!  She played with it and it's accessories a lot!  He has Duplos too, but she just tossed them around.  Haha!  Maybe for her birthday...  So I started looking for some kitchens on Amazon.  They tend to be rather spendy, so I had to keep on searching.  My dear friend Carrie suggested that maybe we could build our own.  I think I honestly laughed out loud when she told me that.  Maybe if I was sipping water I would have spit it out--it was one of those reactions.  Me?  Build a play kitchen?  My husband is waaaay to busy for that.  The excuses flowed.  She encouraged me to look on Pinterest for ideas.  Haha...maybe.  But I did!  And soon I was in this whirlwind of DIY (do it yourself) play kitchens.  Now I'm obsessed!  I'm glad I took Carrie's advice because now we are on our way to building this thing.  After looking at ideas on Pinterest I sketched this out:
It's not to scale, but it's close.

We will be transforming this entertainment stand into the kitchen.  Tonight we will start cutting and maybe start painting real soon.  I will take a lot of pics and show the progression.  Stay tuned!
P.S. That basket is where I keep my current knitting projects and knitting tools.  And it's stored most of our DVDs, which I moved to some shelves yesterday.  It all lives downstairs in our "family room".

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