Monday, February 16, 2015

Joshua's Journal: Week 1

Hello!  Well, it felt really weird to be almost caught up with Project Life so I thought it was time to start Joshua's baby journal.  In a couple of days he will be 11 months; better late than never!  And I'm making it REALLY easy on myself.  I'm totally using the same pages from Jeralyn's pages.  I'm using the same templates for each week, but different elements when needed/necessary.
That's Jeralyn's page (above).
I loved this project SO much that I just knew I had to do it again (plus it's only fair, right?).  My mom gave my brother and I our baby books a few years ago and I was so impressed that she kept up with it like she did (even with my brother's who is 3 years younger).  Seriously, that's impressive when there are so many moms who have great intentions, but it never actually happens, especially when more children come along.  Go Mom!
So I'm determined to keep up as much as possible.  It's not as easy the second time around.  My time is crunched more.  I remember when I used to do blanket time with Jeralyn at my side while I scrapped...I haven't even attempted that with Joshua.  Ha!
The first few weeks of journaling with Josh were pretty impressive...but I have to admit that the journaling became less and less as time went on.  Oops!  I'm lucky if I remembered much.  Ha! So at this point I'm just happy to have anything!  Maybe the Project Life pages will fill in the blanks.
Anyway, I'm happy to FINALLY be working on this!  Yay!

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