Friday, February 6, 2015

Project Life 2015: Weeks 1-3

Hello!  Well, I FINALLY figured out what I will be doing for Project Life 2015.  I was mad at it (still) earlier today.  I just wasn't satisfied with what I was coming up with...but then I realized that I was bored with my digital supplies.  I also wanted a new set of page templates to work with, but I wasn't really excited about what I was coming up with on my own.  So today I was looking at Sweet Shoppe Designs and found some templates I liked, along with some other goodies.
Week 1:
 The page (above) is what I started out with, or should I say, it was like my 3rd draft.  I knew that I wanted to use the "Week 1" card with the date, but that was like all I was confident about.  I almost just settled for this.  It looks ok, but I just wanted something different.
Yay!  A big change I made for this year's project is to eliminate the boring, redundant, day-to-day journaling.  Instead, I've been trying really hard to write down the funny things Jeralyn has been saying because, honestly, those are the things I want to remember.
Week 2:
I also wanted templates that were Instagram photo-friendly.  Instagram photos are square and I was getting tired of hacking off so much of a photo in a 3x4 inch rectangle.  So it will be nice to have that change.  Although, there will still be lots of cropping going on. 

Week 3:
So far, I don't have photos with labeling on them, but that may come in the future.  But I would like to stick with what I've done so far with the little letter blocks/alpha to spell out different things.  It would be fun to have that theme throughout.
So I'm changing things up a bit.  You will also notice that I don't have 2-page spreads here.  I will do 2-page spreads when needed, but I would like to have the photos be the main focus, not paper or elements, but also have the fun of using the paper/elements (if that even makes sense).
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