Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello!  It's Monday!  Did you have a fabulously creative weekend?  Knit?  Crochet?  Scrap?  Photograph?  I hope you did something fun!
I had fun "scraplifting" yet another page that I had pinned in Pinterest.  It's fun to see that I still liked the pages I pinned even though they were pinned a loooooooong time ago.  This idea came from here.
When I was creating this page, I remembered how I should *someday* organize my digital files.  I used to have them all organized in Adobe Bridge, but um...cough...not anymore.  And wow, I think I need to do some cleaning out because there are some digital kits I am SO over and done with.  It's funny though because at one point I thought they were cool and then I used them.  And those pages are awesome, but I really think I'm done with some of it.  But it's like digital stuff--that you can use over and over again--so should I get rid of it?  Would I regret it?  Now, normally, I do NOT hold onto things I no longer use.  I am not afraid of throwing things away or donating, but since it's a digital file on my computer, it's not like I see the space it takes up.  I'll have to think about this.  Hmmm...
Oh!  And I just love my adorable kids!

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