Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Joel's Baby Journal: Week 1


It seems like I just finished Joshua's baby journal and here I am starting another.  *smile*  And like I did for Joshua's baby journal, I basically just switched out the photos, papers, and (some) embellishments to create this layout.  I already have the templates because of Jeralyn and Joshua's journals.

Week 1:

I find myself looking at Joshua's baby journal a lot right now to compare where Joel is with where Joshua was.  It's also helping me to know what may be coming next with Joel and remembering how things happen with a baby (I forget things, I guess!).  For instance, at Week 10, Joshua was starting to wear 6 month clothes, and Joel is just starting to wear 3/6 month clothes. 

And really, it's just fun to look through the journal.  I am SO glad I decided to do it this way.

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