Sunday, March 5, 2017

Project Life 2016: August


I'm so glad I decided long ago to do a monthly version of Project Life because otherwise it would take me ages to complete the pages.  It's not about completing it...but would have taken me forever if I was doing a weekly project.  

Lately, the kids have been taking out our most recent scrapbook albums and looking through them.  Joshua thinks that he is Jeralyn or that his baby pictures are Joel (they do look a lot alike).  It's been fun to share those memories with them through the pages.

It's been fun to catch-up because I look back at these photos and the memories of our last home and our life in Alaska come flooding into my heart and mind.  Those were precious, memorable years.  We left Alaska different people than when we first entered the beautiful state.  And now the journey continues...but that's for later...when I'm more caught up.


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