Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Project Life 2016: December


Guess what?  2016 is done!  Of's almost April!  Haha!  I'm talking about my monthly Project Life pages!  Complete!  Finished!  Yay!  

And now it's time to plan a little bit for 2017's pages.  I would like to find a new font to use and change things a little bit, but it won't be much of a change.  I like the templates and format I've been using; it's working well for me.

December was a weird month.  We moved.  It was Christmas-time, but it didn't really feel like it without all of our festive decorations.  There was snow--plenty of snow!  So that made it festive.  And then we were all sick for Christmas.  Ugh.  Germs go away!


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