Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 Cards...with embossing

This card is simple...very simple for me. Haha! It's a wedding card. I wanted it simple, but elegant. Oh, and silver embossed.

This could probably be a wedding card too.
I was at the scrapbook store today and saw a scrap that someone had stamped on. It was copper Pearl Ex powder on the blue paper. I was sold right away and decided I would have to try that when I got home. Copper never did a thing for me until the last scrapbook class when we used the copper-colored glitter. Now I really like it! The next time I do this sort of thing I will stamp first and then emboss, just so the embossed parts don't mess with the stamped image.

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Lana said...

those are gorgeous Christina!!! I love 'em!