Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Alaska Pages

Here's another double-page spread. I like the simplicity of this page. It reminds me of some of Ali Edwards' pages. I've also been remembering to include journaling. Right after our trip I typed out the journaling because everything was fresh in my mind. (Hmmm...I should do that for the Arizona vacation). So now I just copy/paste it onto the page and do whatever necessary editing. It's nice to already have that journaling ready because then I don't feel forced with what I write.

Sometimes the pictures just need to speak for themselves. That's how I felt with this page. I just wanted to add a splash of color. I like what the circles add to the layout. It's fun finding creative ways to add the journaling. I've been looking at Jennifer McGuire's blog and I noticed that she uses a lot of twine on her embellishments, so I thought I'd add it to the star. This is a digital page, so I didn't have to tie anything. *wink*

Speaking of Jennifer McGuire, I wanted to share something that I thought was really neat. Yesterday Ali did a post about Jennifer and it was so inspiring. Jennifer says she isn't good at design or journaling, but she does enjoy the techniques. So she focuses on the techniques. Everyone is different! I love that! Ali Edwards is amazing when it comes to journaling. And there are others who are stronger with design. I'm really starting to see how everyone has their own style and ways that work best for them. I don't know how to describe my style, but I can see it. It's so fun! I love learning about people's styles!

Ok, so now I'm caught up on the pages I had started.
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Rebekah said...

Love it!! What font did you use?

Winter said...

I love this page! I really love the circles, and the pictures are great too!