Thursday, June 18, 2009


As I was stamping away in the loft, I heard this rustling around. I looked over and saw Tigger completely inside of a plastic bag I have on the floor for paper that will be burned (scraps and such). I laughed and thought about running to get my camera, but I had a feeling he would move if I left. Well, then I looked down again and he was laying in it and it was soooo cute! So I had to get my camera. But by the time I got back he was headed out. He cracks me up! He likes plastic bags, so I have to watch him around them. He likes to lick them, too. Silly kitty!

Before I exit 'blogland' into the world of 'painting kitchen' I wanted to share something with you that my sister-in-law Jessica shared with me. It's super cool! Check it out!
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Kelley Eubanks said...

How cute! That is funny! Cats like the oddest things! I guess it is new or something. If you lay anything down on the floor, my cat Tucker is all over it. If it is on the floor... he is going to see how it feels to lay on!

Winter said...

My cat did the same thing one time, but she is always wanting to lay on plastic bags! I wonder why?

Ashley C. Newell said...

Silly kitty! I used to have two while I was in undergrad and they did funny stuff like that too.

Your cards/scrapbook designs are so great! I enjoyed viewing them all today! TGIF!!