Monday, November 23, 2009


Happy Monday! Three more days until turkey day!

I was looking through my scrapbook pages for this year and there is one page that I wasn't satisfied with, so I thought I would do another page in place of it. Normally I just leave pages alone, but I just had to. Ha! This layout was inspired by this creation.

All products are from Michelle Underwood through 2Peas.

For the record, I know that raindrops shouldn't be under the umbrella. So let's pretend that they are behind or in front of the umbrella. Ha!

I received our printed Christmas cards today!! I really really like them! It's so fun to see the final product! The process for setting up an account with WHCC is totally worth it!
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Karen said...

Hi Christina! While I think the original layout was wonderful, your new take on it definitely gives the photos and layout a whole different, playful, and yes, springlike! :> I've never seen that photo printing locale before. I'll have to check it out. Our wedding photographer sold us our negatives for a steal a couple of years ago as she had run out of storage space and I've thought about getting some reprinted larger, but wasn't sure where to go to get the quality that they need. Thanks for the link! :> Hope you are off to a fantastic week! :>

Nettie said...

what a difference! I too think the first one was great but this one puts a whole new take on the pics....

in MY digi world....YOUR raindrops are PERFECT tee heee.......that translates into....I would never have noticed in my world :)

and.....there are so so so many FREE digi scrapbook supplies out there.....not being one to miss a deal.....I could get more into this ......and I do notice that it is fun to make a big mess and then still be able to scrapbook with out having to clean up :) I AM a happy camper now

p.s. R U in your new digs yet?

listgirl said...

I'm so excited for you that you really like your cards from WHCC. I've ordered from them the last two years and have been very happy.

Winter said...

I love the brushes (is that what you call them?) on your pages! :)