Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attempted Blogging

This is my 4th attempt to blog this page. I don't even know if I want to say anything. I'm SUPER annoyed right now. Maybe there's some cyber conflict between Picasa and Blogger? So I'm going to try to post this a different way, directly through Blogger, which I don't like doing. And I'll try to be on my best behavior while posting this. Grrrarr!
The NEW kit by Michelle Underwood is amazing! It's a gorgeous kit that ya'll should purchase. Ha! I think I almost gasped when I saw the kit and that doesn't happen to me that often. So yeah, I'm really liking this kit. I have another page I've been working on, but I keep forgetting to finish it.

An unfinished scrapbook page means I either am not interested in scrapbooking, or I just don't have a great idea for the page yet. This time I've just not been in a creative mood. The dull, dreary winter days in Southeast Alaska eat away at creativity. So when the sun came out this morning (probably the first time in 2 joke!) I felt like my creative fire began to burn once again.
Now hopefully THIS post will actually post. Sigh.


Katrina said...

Really love what you are creating. Great work!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I had the same problem going through Picasso... something weird going on. I ended up going straight through blogger (which I actually prefer... funny, huh?)! Your page is great! So sorry you are frustrated... I was frustrated after losing it once... much less 3 times!

Winter said...

Great page! I love the antique look ofthe kit! So pretty! :) I thought you might like to know, that sometimes after I leave comments on your blog, I just leave the music on and listen to it! It's all of the music I listen to. Oh, and guess who we are going to see in concert Friday night? TOBY MAC! Oh Yeah! Can you tell I'm happy?! :)