Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Calendar [January-April]

This is another page I really like! I love the pictures! They were fun to work with!

The older bike in these pictures made me think of vintage/classic, so I added a vintage type action to the photos.

This is another page I could probably redo over and over again. This was another that took me awhile.

And this page, which is April, is one of my favorites. First of all I just love this picture. I've scrapped this picture before and it's one of my favorite pages (I have it in 12x12 frame and I will never get tired of looking at it). I could go on and on about this page, but I won't. Ha!

Well, that wraps up the calendar pages! Have an awesome day!
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Courtney Baker said...

Wow that picture is really awesome! I love it! All of them are terrific!

Winter said...

So cute! I LOVE all of those pics, but your right, that last one is so pretty! :)