Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Rock Canyon

Happy Wednesday! Today I was in a scrapping mood, so I scrapped a few pages. And I did cave in and scrap a few of the pics I took when I was in Michigan...oops! I just couldn't help myself! But I am sticking to the plan of scrapping our trip photos. I am thinking I should upload the pages I have completed to Shutterfly to make sure the double-spread pages fit in the right order with the single pages. Otherwise I'll have to sneak in a few more single pages. I've really enjoyed scrapping these trip photos because of the simplicity. I have a feeling I will be more "complex" and "crazy" with the pics I took when I was in MI. It's fun to be creative like that. I do have a lot of pages scrapped of our trip from last year, but I can't really share them yet...

Here's what I scrapped today:

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Anna said...

Gorgeous Layouts!!!

Winter said...

WOW! That pic just takes my breath away! Beautiful! :)