Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's been awhile!

I apologize for the pause in posts. Our main computer doesn't allow me to post anything except pictures on my blog. Our "old" computer does let me post though. We were away from home for basically 8 weeks (for 5 weeks of that we did have our main computer). I have missed blogging! Because I do most of my creative work on the main computer and all of the pages are saved to that computer, I have to email the pages to my address and then grab them on the old computer. It's a lengthy process, and a worthwhile one, but one I don't have as much time for anymore. Priorities sure do change when you have a little one! Whew!

We have a family blog that I have been shy about sharing on my blog here (probably because I'm such a private person). Some of you may have the address already, but here it is just in case if you don't. That way you can see updated pictures of Jeralyn and see what we have been up to.

From the beginning of November until mid-December we were living in Juneau temporarily for Quent's job. And then we came home for a couple of days, and then left for Michigan for Christmas for almost 3 weeks. It's really good to be home, but I do miss our family/friends!

Yesterday I put together some rough drafts for the weeks I am behind on for Jeralyn's weekly baby book. It won't take me too long to catch up on it. I am enjoying the process of it and I feel like I stay pretty organized and on top of things with it--thus far. As she grows and is more alert and active, I know I won't have as much time to devote to scrapbooking, but I will do my best. I'm also editing photos we took while in Michigan. And I'm going to be sending out our very late Christmas/New Years card. WHEW!

So life has been busy and we are enjoying our little girl! She was like a completely different baby after being in Juneau for 5 weeks. They really do grow so much! So fast!

In the past 3 months I knitted a dress and mittens for Jeralyn. I also knitted some wash cloths for gifts. And...a pair of slippers! I don't have any projects I'm working on currently, except one project I should probably finish. I don't like having unfinished projects hanging over me.

So I should be able to post more often now. Yeah! Thank you for your patience! I hope everyone had a very relaxing and blessed holiday season!

Happy New Year!

P.S. My "little word for 2012" is CREATE. Hmmmm...

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Jamie R. said...

I've missed you. Welcome back. Happy New Year to the three of you.