Sunday, October 13, 2013

Project Life: Week 31

Hello!  It's a lazy Sunday morning.  We skipped church today because we didn't want to share germs, and this mama needs some down-time.  I love lazy Sundays!
So far this morning I have completed another two weeks of Project Life, which feels really good!  I'm actually caught up to week 35, although we are currently in week 40-something (but who's counting?).  And this morning I filled some more page protectors with scrapbook pages I had printed a couple of weeks ago.  There is such a sense of accomplishment when I slide those pages into the plastic sheets!  I was telling Quent this morning that it used to take 2 albums for 1 year, but now that I'm doing strictly digital scrapbooking and not as many pages, I can fill 1 album with 2 years.  Oh how being a mother can change things, even albums!

As I was filling the page protectors this morning, I was thinking about how I'm not sure if I want to do Project Life in 2014.  I have a couple of months to think about it, so I'm not making a definite decision yet.  I love the project, but I think my passion is more of the regular scrapbook pages.  There are a lot of pros and cons.  One great thing about Project Life is capturing so many more moments than I would regular scrapbooking, but then when I'm playing "catch-up" it's not as fun.
I also would like to do some type of weekly or monthly pages for Baby Smith #2 like I did for Jeralyn.  Babies change SO much every week that it was so great to capture all of that with the photos and journaling.  But I'm hesitant to decide what I want to do because I know I will be BUSY and I'm afraid I will be playing catch-up all of the time.  I'm already feeling bad for not being better at journaling things since Jeralyn's first birthday.  I know--I can only do my best, but...
So I have some decisions to make before the new year.  I do know there's no way I can do:
A baby journal + Project Life + regular scrapbook pages
There is just no way!
Lots to think about!

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