Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Hello!  So I'm a few days delayed with posting this.  I meant to post it earlier in the week.  Oops!  It's been fun to create some regular scrapbook pages again.
Jeralyn was really not interested in carving the pumpkin.  It was never carved.  Just the top was cut off and now it's outside on our deck rotting from the inside out.  Nice, aye?  I'm not bitter or anything...
I have some fun projects I am working on: 
  • I'm knitting a blanket for baby BOY!  I will have a special post about it when it's all done.  It's a simple, but fun project! 
  • I'm also slowly preparing his room.  I started painting along the trim yesterday.  At some point I will do a room reveal.
  • I just ordered fabric to make him a super simple baby quilt similar to the one I made Jeralyn.
  • And I'm slowly, but surely working on Jeralyn's quilt for her big girl bed.  I'm trying my best to enjoy the process of it instead of rushing through it (since sewing isn't my favorite thing).

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