Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 1

Hello!  Well, like I posted before, I finally caved and decided I would do Project Life for this year.  I imagine I will be behind at times, but as long as I'm taking pictures and journaling, then that will help me get caught up.  Although I miss regular scrapbooking, I think I'm accepting that Project Life is the best way for me to scrapbook right now.
The first "week" of Project Life wasn't a full week since January 1st started on a Wednesday.  I like to start my weeks on Monday.  So I just made January 1-5 my first week.  At that time I wasn't planning on doing Project Life, so I didn't take very many photos.  In fact, out of my camera, my husband's camera, and my iPhone photos, there were only 3 photos for the "week".  And since this will be the first page in my album, it will be all alone anyway, so it works perfectly.

I wanted to simplify some things for myself for this year since I won't have as much time to play like I did last year.  I wanted a more simple way of showing the week.  I looked around for some ideas and found something similar to what I created in the top left corner.  I also decided not to do the calendar brush this time because it was extra work.  I will just simply type out the date of the week.  I like the way it looks. 
I also created my own templates.  There's no faux stitching this time, which I may miss, but I am tired of the templates I had been using.  I wanted something fresh, new, and simple.  I created some templates for bigger pictures as well.  I will probably have to custom design my templates along the way.
And of course I changed the fonts.  I like having little notes on some of the photos to describe what is happening in the photo.  And I changed the journaling font as well.
I don't use the same elements each week.  I like to use what I have in my digital stash, but I am still looking for certain elements, which I may end up adding to this page later.
So, that's all for now!  Hopefully I will be back soon with more pages.  Have a great weekend!

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