Friday, September 25, 2015


Seriously, doing Project Life by the month is already making me feel more free to create regular pages.  Although, I've only done this one (below) so far since I've switched to months instead of weeks...but it definitely felt so good to sit down with intentions to scrapbook and know that I was caught up on Project Life (monthly) and could just create a regular page.  Whoop!
And I knew exactly what photos I wanted to start with.  Quent took these photos when they were hiking and I haven't been able to get these photos out of my head since I first laid eyes up on them.  I wanted to capture this on a page and capture her, in this moment because this is Jeralyn through and through.  She loves life--very much!  It reminds me of that scripture in John 10:10, which says that Christ came to give us life abundantly.  Well, she has been an example to me of what that means.  I have much to learn from this girl!
I don't have a plan to scrapbook regular pages in any type of order.  It will be what my heart desires.  If a photo speaks to me, it may be documented in a scrapbook page.  No pressure.  Just pure photo and life capturing.
Oh, and I also wanted to mention that when I sat down to scrap these photos, I looked up some ideas I've pinned in my Scrapbook Pages board on Pinterest.  And I found one that spoke to my heart by Sasha Farina.  It's interesting because I used to find a lot of scrapbook inspiration in the late Creating Keepsakes magazines, but now it's Pinterest.  Gotta love Pinterest!

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