Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Pages

This was a page I created digitally that was inspired by the page below, which is in the May 2009 Creating Keepsakes magazine. It was created by Elizabeth Kartchner. I really like these colors together. It was fun creating it digitally, but I think I like the page so much that I might have to purchase the supplies for it and create it again traditionally.

I had fun with this page! It's busy, but I like it!
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Megan said...

Your digi interpretation of Elizabeth's page is awesome. Thanks for sharing it on your blog. :)

Megan (CK Creative Editor)

Courtney Baker said...

Cute pages. You did a great job pulling that page off digitally. That's a lot harder than people may imagine.

Megan said...

Keeping an eye on blogs is part of my job. I use Google Reader, which alerts me when people blog about CK. :)

Ashley C. Newell said...

This is almost the same thing. I had to really look hard to see that it wasn't. Really cool, Christina creating it digitally! I like Elizabeth's style too!

Megan said...

Me again. I hope you don't mind that I'm going to post your project on CK's blog tomorrow in honor of Nat'l Scrapbooking Day. Is that okay? If not, will you please e-mail at ASAP? I will be sure to credit you for the amazing work.