Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tangle Lakes

I'm having so much fun scrapbooking our Alaskan vacation from last year! I'm really enjoying the pictures. Today I was thinking about how beautiful it was on our trip. We had gorgeous weather! Sure, it wasn't 80 degrees or anything like that, but it was sunny most of the time. I am SO thankful for the bright orange tents we both had. I know this might sound funny, but sometimes we pick clothes (colors)just so they will be fun for me to scrapbook. Quent bought a new rain jacket last year and he picked a bright green one with my scrapbooking in mind. What a guy! We don't always wear certain colors with scrapbooking in mind, but it's neat when it does happen that way. We just laugh about it now.

The 'tangle' letters are from a FREE digital kit by Shabby Princess. Check it out!
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Winter said...

Hey Christina! Before I ever read about this layout, I want to tell you how much I loved those orange tents in your layouts. It was so funny when I read it and you commented about the orange tents! :) Great pages as always!