Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You make me smile

Sometimes a layout comes together easily...and sometimes it doesn't. This was one of those times where it wasn't coming along like I wanted it to. Tip: if you are spending HOURS on a layout and it's still not working's time to start fresh! That's when I hit the beloved delete key and start over.

This was my first draft after LOTS of changes. I loved the circles, but I was really struggling with the color combination. I'm not a 'mauve' kind of person (or blue). I love the letters that spell 'smile', but they weren't working for me on this page. And then I felt like it was way too busy.

In my second draft I felt like I was surrendering. I really liked the journaling on the right side of the page though.

And for my third draft and the finale, I opened a new 12x12 document, moved some of the elements over from draft 2 and started over. Whew! I realized that I did not like working with the mauve and blue from my mom's shirt. (Next time she and I will have to coordinate on what colors are 'proper' to wear for scrapbooking...haha!) So I changed the picture to black & white and put a warming filter over that. There's also some texture on the picture...I hope it's not too much. And because it was March (winter) I thought it would be fun to add some snowflakes since I'm ready to scrap snowflakes again. I'm still not totally satisfied with this page, but I'm tempted to just leave it alone. (Walk away from the computer, walk away from the computer)

All of the supplies are from Little Dreamer.
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Kelley Eubanks said...

I think your final draft is wonderful! Walk away and leave it as is... it is perfect! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

BTW... love your header and new pic... looks great!

Jessica said...

Nice layout of Mom!! I know what you mean about when you're having trouble with coming up with a good layout, and spend way too much time on it. And then coming back to it later always helps to have a fresh perspective! I love the pretty glittery snowflakes. Honestly, I think they all looked great. When I saw the first one, I really liked it with all the color. But I can see how you see it's too busy too. Then the middle one is very cute and dainty looking with just the few scattered flowers and then the little butterflies. I also like the "Smile" on the first page! I think it would look nice on the second layout as well! Hehe!! So many options, huh?!! But as long as you're happy with your end results that's what matters most!! I have such a hard time with that sometimes- being happy with MY style and designs without trying to please others. I miss you!!