Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello! Happy Tuesday! Today we were under a "high wind warning" from 6:00 am until 4:00 pm. I arrived at work at 6:15 am. Five minutes later when I was counting the till, the power went out. Now, I had brought my headlamp with me, but it was in my purse in the storage closet. Oops! So I stood in the dark contemplating what I should do when I remembered there was a flashlight in the drawer. I felt my way in the dark along the counter, opened a drawer, fumbled around until I found the flashlight--er, the electronic screwdriver, and then I found the flashlight. The power came on after 15 minutes. It was an exciting way to start the day!

I've been scrapbooking more. Yeah! Here's a page I think I created sometime last week:


I've also been reading a lot more. Yeah! And I started a new knitting project, which maybe I'll talk about more later.

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Christy you are a great person