Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello! Well, today didn't go exactly as planned because our hot water heater was leaking. There was no flooding, thankfully! I'm glad Quent noticed it this morning. I usually exercise almost first thing in the morning, but there was no chance of doing that without a warm shower to look forward to afterward. So I dove into design work and scrapping instead...and now that the repairman has come and gone, we have hot water again! Yippee! So right after this I'm going to work up a good sweat! *smile*

Yesterday, Oprah had the entire cast of The Sound of Music on her show. It was amazing! I think I sat there with a smile on my face the whole time. It's my favorite movie!! At the end of the show four of the 'real' Von Trapp great-grandchildren sang Edelweiss. It was so beautiful that I started to cry. You can watch it here.

Here's another sneak peek:

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Gabi said...

I'm glad that the water heater was fixed, it is a pain to be without hot water. We are all so spoiled, lol.
I haven't seen that movie, have to check it out.
Hope you are doing great, Christina!
btw, gorgeous LO! xxx