Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello there!

Hello! I thought I'd post something and give a little update on how life with baby Jeralyn is going. She's such a good baby! She sleeps a LOT! My days are full of her and I just love it! It's funny to think back to weeks ago when I was desparately trying to find things to keep myself busy as we were waiting for her arrival. Oh how things have changed! Before she came a lot of people would say to Quent, "Your life is about to change!" It certainly has! Sometimes I wonder where the hours of the day go. Or the days! Quent is taking such good care of us. He cooks, he cleans, he changes diapers! And he just loves Jeralyn! The cats are doing really well, too. They are used to a baby crying now and sometimes it seems like Shadow is trying to help. It's sweet! I feel bad because I feel like I don't show them as much affection as I would like, but I think as time goes on, it will get better. They are such good kitties!

Remember the dress I knitted? It's too big for her right now, but I just had to try it on her. *smile*

I just love her!

I've been thinking about how I want to document her first year of life. I am pretty sure I'm going to do a weekly kind of project. So far I've been keeping a Word document open and just journaling that way for now. I've never done anything like this, so I'm hoping I won't lose motivation.

Well, this is all for now. Happy Labor Day!

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Jamie R. said...

That dress is beyond adorable.

It is amazing how much life changes when you have a child to care for. My children have pushed me to grow as a person in ways I never imagined. And I am a better person because of them.

The days go by quickly and so many things that seem routine one month change without you realizing it. I was grateful that I journaled during the early years what a "typical" day looked like. When I read the journaling now I find myself saying, "oh, I forgot about that" to a lot of what seemed "typical" then.

Gabi said...

She is so adorable, Christina! Enjoy every second with this bundle of joy!

Loretta said...

She is gorgeous and so are you, Mama!!! The dress is so cute; look what a knitter you are now.

Life is surely different with children. I wouldn't change it for the world. Someone said to have a child is to forever wear their heart on the outside of their body. So, so true and the grands even more because they are a part of the children I love.

Anonymous said...

Christina ... I hope you don't mind, but Quentin directed me to your blog for updated pictures of your beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing the pictures! Melissa A. (ELP Class)

Debi said...

You won't lose motivation. It's your first child. My first born's baby book is completely filled out, plus scrapbook pages. My third born....that's a whole other story.