Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Slippers/Booties

Have I ever mentioned how much I don't really enjoy knitting socks? Well, it's pretty much the one thing I don't like to knit, which is a bummer because sock yarn looks like SO MUCH FUN! I should give socks another try though. Anyway, so I wanted to make Jeralyn a pair of slippers, but I kept on remembering when I tried over the summer to do so and it wasn't a very good experience. In other words, me + double-pointed needles + sock-like knitting = zero fun. So searching for something simple, I found this pattern. It's pretty popular! I ended up finding someone else's "interpretation" of the pattern, which is what I ended up using. Very helpful! It's great because you can pretty much make any size. You can use any size needle and any yarn. You can see what I used here.

The slippers/booties are super cute! And they stay on!

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Debi said...

Super cute!! My mom made a pair like this for my Sky when she was born, but she made them out of chenille yarn (bad choice, but super soft while they lasted). You are a very talented lady!!

~Janae said...

Those are adorable! Perfect for your sweet pea;)