Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tonight when I was searching on the internet, I found a website and book that excited me. In this blog I have talked about being 'true to your style' and BEing yourself. I see so many women who don't like themselves because they don't feel good enough. I see so many comparing themselves with others. I'm guilty of that, too. One area I see others (and myself) struggle with is with body image. We were all created with different body types and sizes, but we are constantly bombarded with images that *could* make us feel bad about ourselves or thinking we have to look a certain way.

I wanted to share what I found with you tonight. It has nothing really to do with scrapbooking or stamping, but encouragement to BE yourself and to BE thankful for who God has made you to matter your size/weight/etc. Oh, and I have to add that the website design is pretty maybe that fits in with the scrapbooking/stamping. Ha!

Wonderfully Made
Heal book
Heal Journey

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