Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Climbing Bridges

I thought I would just jump in and post two pages today instead of just one. I started both of these pages a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't ready to work on them again until today. I love the freedom of leaving pages undone on the computer and then just coming back to them again later. No messes!

I really like the 'tag' on this page with the title. It reminds me of a clothing tag. I surprised myself by using navy since I don't normally scrapbook with blue. I'm also thinking that the shirt I'm wearing in the pictures might need to be dyed pink, orange, or brown. Haha!

Please click on the picture to see the bigger version of this. (I wish Blogger would make it easier to upload BIG pictures) I surprised myself again by using rainbows on this page. I think creating layouts for Little Dreamer has really helped me to use more embellishments on my pages.

All of the products are from Little Dreamer. I'll come back later and link these pages after I post them on the Little Dreamer gallery.
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Anna said...

As usual, you have some of the most beautiful pages ever!!!

Your photography is stunning!

Winter said...

I love these pictures! The colors are amazing and the kit really works great with it! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Both of these are perfect!! They always are Christina!

Loretta said...

I really like these pages and I think your shirt fits perfectly. The blue is just right.

Jeremy and Kate said...

Hey Christina- These pages are great! I love the subject material and the photos and colors you used. =)