Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello! It's almost tomorrow enough for me (haha) so I thought I would post this right now. Today I got an email from Shutterfly telling me they are having a sale and free shipping through November 4th. I'm *this close* to being done with the Arizona/Utah layouts, so I'm really motivated now to finish them up before the sale. It's 20% off hardcover 12x12 albums, so I'm hop-skipping-jumping to get 'er done!

The first and only time (so far) that I've had a photo book printed through Shutterfly was for our 2008 Alaskan vacation. I LOVE having the pages printed in the books because it condenses the pages down to having a 1/2 inch book instead of 3-4 inches in a regular album. I even packed the book with us on our Montana vacation this year to show our friends. It was great that it fit into our luggage with no problem! And if I lose it or I spill something on it, I can just order a new book. It's wonderful! This is now the reason of why I am torn about having my pages printed individually verses a photobook, or doing hybrid pages. Shutterfly just makes it so easy! And it's cheaper! I figured out that it was a lot cheaper doing it this way than having all of the pages printed individually and buying an album to put the pages in (not to mention page protectors). I was very pleased with the quality and customer service from Shutterfly. It was practically printed the same day I sent the order in and then I got it within 5 the Alaska! Can't beat that!!

Here is the book cover. See that tail swishing around?

Yes, Tigger, I see you!

The one thing I have to keep in mind when designing pages is that I don't want anything too close to the edges because the binding could cut things off. No biggie though! Just a little pre-planning.

And if you would like, check out the whole book here. Enjoy!
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Anna said...

Your book is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know about another book offer that I found.

Go here
log in to your facebook acct and I think they are still giving away free books - you just pay for the cost of shipping.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Courtney Baker said...

I love mine too! My didgital album is actually an 8x8 and it's so great for the coffee table!

Katrina said...

I Love the book...I want one!!!
So when did you say that book layout class was?