Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keller Family

I didn't mean to have so many days in between posts, but I was too lazy to turn on this computer, which is the home of my digital scrapbooking. So what have I been doing? Working, napping, exercising, eating, reading, and well...that's about it.

Here's another page I created last week. I'm slowly finishing up scrapping the pictures I took when I was in Michigan last spring.

In my last post I said I was hoping to finish Quent's first slipper. Um...that didn't quite happen. Without realizing it, I skipped a small portion of the pattern, so I had to go back and redo that. How did I miss that? And then it took me a long time to figure out what they meant by picking up stitches on the inner or outer sole. I think there should be more pictures for a visual on the pattern instructions. And then after all of that, I realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn, so...I ordered more yarn and I'm waiting for that to come in the mail. And lucky me, I get to do all of this over again for the second slipper. Yippee. (Do you sense the sarcasm there?)

In the meantime, I'm dreaming up more projects to knit while I need to finish the ones I'm currently working on. I have to remind myself that I only have two hands. But how can I help myself when I find sweet looking ORANGE yarn?? After I saw the yarn, I went to Ravelry to look up the projects used with the yarn. And then I found a project I can make someday as an excuse to have some beautiful yarn. I love Ravelry!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
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Jessica said...

The page turned out great... but Samuel... oh man, he was not happy. Poor little guy. That yarn looks so pretty!! And the sweater is cute!

Debi said...

I just had to stop by the website you'd posted and was drooling over all the pretty colors of yarn. I'm not a knitter, but seeing those colors would turn me into one in no time. But I'm like you...I get too many projects going and then I can't keep up. May have to just stick with stampin and scrapbooking for now. :>