Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Word for 2011

Yes, it sure does look like it's been exactly a month since I've posted. A lot has happened in the last month, but I'll get to that...

The last post I talked about my little word for 2010. Around the beginning of December I started to pray and think about my little word for 2011. I knew it would come to me, so I didn't focus on it. And then one morning I was on my stationary bike watching Joyce Meyer on tv when the word came to me. And it was quite a word. At first I was like, "No, that can't be it." (That's what happened last year when God showed me that 'discipline' would be my word). I tried to push this little word out of my head, trying to convince myself that I was just imagining things. But the word didn't and wouldn't go away.

So what's the word?


Yes, that's it. PRUNE.

Not the fruit.

Definition: to cut off or remove dead or living parts or branches (of a plant, for example) to improve shape or growth

Sounds like fun, right? (Don't worry, it gets better--lots better!)

So once I swallowed my pride and was convinced this was the word God picked for me, I began to ask why. What needs to be pruned from my life? Why? I was clueless.

I have to admit that I still hoped that I was imagining all of this and that a much better, newer word would appear later on. Ha! (little did I know)

So...on December 15th my little word for 2011 started to make much more sense. That was the day I found out that our lives are going to change for forever. We are going to have a BABY!

*tears of JOY*

I've waited 7 years for the fulfillment of God's promise that we would have children (more on that later). So now pruning doesn't sound so bad. So much will change. I'm so EXCITED!!

This is definitely going to be a year of pruning, of growth, of making time for more important things (like cuddling with a little one). Maybe it's hard to see the correlation here, but I totally see it. I get it now.

August 21st cannot come soon enough!


Jude said...

Oh, wow! Fantastic news - congratulations and good luck with your pruning this year!

Katrina said...


You and Quent will be wonderful parents.
God bless you in this New Year.

Anna said...

WOOHOO!!! A new little baby! I am so happy for you Christina! "Prune" seems like the perfect word for this year. I need to do a little "pruning" myself!

Jamie. R. said...

I am beyond excited. I have prayed for you; for this wish to be fulfilled. Please keep us posted on your journey.

Leslie said...

First off - Congratulations on your wonderful news! I LOVE hearing such joyful news. We've had our share of heartache and frustration trying for another baby for the past 4 years and though it looks like another baby probably won't be in our future, I love to hear when others bring a new baby into their family.

And secondly, thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment on the Francesca shrug made me chuckle and not be quite so annoyed at the pattern. I'm plugging away at it the best I can.

Gabi said...

I'm SO SO happy for you, Christina!!! Congratulation!! I'm having a goose bumps of joy right now :) CONGRATS!!!

listgirl said...

Fantastic news Christina! Congratulations!

Debi said...

Congratulations Christina!!! I am so excited for you. Every time I read your blog I always wait to hear news like that, and here it is. A child will dramatically change your life. For me, it was my perspective. As a parent, it helped me understand my own realtionship with the Lord so much better. It's all good tho.

Thanks for sharing your word. My eyes almost popped out of my head and I had to laugh for a split second. I get it. One can also look at it this way...the effects of prunes can also do the same thing. *LOL* Sorry for the book. We'll talk again. Congrats!!!

Debi said...

Hey, if you send me your address, I have a little something I'd like to send to you. :>

Kelley Eubanks said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! CHRISTINA!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you!! Congratulations! I came over here to tell you Thanks for C's bday wishes. I am horrible at keeping up with blog hopping now. Wow... SOOOOO SOOOOO happy for you! :) Love you girl! God is SOOOOOOO Good!! :)

Winter said...

PRAISE GOD! He is So Good! :)