Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Quilt

A few weeks ago I bought some fabric from Etsy, which is my new favorite online store. Sometimes I like to go on there just to daydream! I was looking at one of my favorite blogs and there was a link to this Etsy seller, Lily Bella Fabrics. It was love at first sight when I saw the fabric with the giraffe on it (the bottom fabric in the picture). I've been a lover and collector of giraffes for years, so it's a natural central decor selection for the baby's room. There isn't really a "theme" for the room, only a color theme, which so far is orange, cream, brown, turqoise, and...maybe pink, with a touch of giraffe! Since we don't know if Baby Smith is a boy or girl, I'm waiting until we find out (April 8th) if I should add pink to the fabric selections. It may sound silly to some, but it makes perfect sense to my pregnant mind. Hee, hee!

So today I had the sudden urge to cut fabric squares. I'm not following a pattern. I despise quilt patterns. I've made a few small quilts in the past, but the last quilt ended up in the trash because nothing was coming together the way it should have. (Yes, I'm a slight perfectionist) So after licking my quilting wounds over the last few years, I decided to try my hand at it again. This quilt is going to be very simple. Like outrageously simple!

It took me an hour to cut 6x6 inch squares out of 6 different patterns of fabric. I sketched out my own pattern and figured out how many squares I would need of each fabric depending on if Baby Smith is a girl or boy. I feel so organized. Haha...

Now I wait until April 8th. Oh the suspense!

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, that's so funny! That's the SAME material I found a while back that I loved and wanted to get for the second quilt I'm going to make! Ha! Love it!
Etsy is so great! Can't wait to see your quilt come together!! I need to get cutting the rest of the pieces for the one I started a while back!

Jessica said...

Love those fabrics... that animal print one is the same one I found a couple months ago that I loved! I was thinking of using it for another quilt I want to make! How fun!