Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Pants

A few weeks ago I was at the yarn shop and I saw this yarn by Noro called Nobori that I fell in love with. It's soft and the colors remind me of Easter and Spring. I was determined to find a pattern I could use this aran weight yarn with. And I found it. It's for these really cute baby pants. I ordered the supplies I needed from Jimmy Beans Wool and got started as soon as it came in the mail. I like to have at least two projects to work on at one time so I can take a break from one and work on the other.

I bought the pattern through Ravelry. I thought the pattern was rather spendy ($10.00), but it's worth it for the 17 pages of much visual detailed instruction. The pattern author does an excellent job explaining what needs to be done...but one thing I learned was when the author says to read and familiarize yourself with something before proceeding, she means it! There was one point I jumped ahead and ended up having to pull out stitches. Oops!

I have about 3 more inches I've added to the pants since taking this picture. I am basically past the "challenging" parts of the pattern and now I'm knitting the legs using the "magic loop method". It's pretty amazing how it all turns out. It's like magic! I'm loving the yarn colors. I think this is my favorite yarn!

While knitting these pants, I have thought so much about when I started knitting years ago. It took me three times to learn how to knit and after the third time something [finally] clicked and I quickly fell in love with the hobby. But before that I didn't really enjoy knitting. One thing that helped me was to just dive into a pattern I *wanted* to make. That's the only way I learned. Sure, it was frustrating at times and stitches had to be pulled and started again, but practice makes "perfect", right? So I say just jump into those projects. You will learn as you go! Don't be afraid to make mistakes! It's all part of learning!

Now...I can't say I feel the same way about quilting. Ha! Knitting is relaxing to me, where quilting is not. I guess we just all find those things that work for us. now I'm at the point with the baby pants pattern that I have to figure out what length I want. I picked the small/medium size to knit, but I have no idea how long I should make the legs. Quent suggested comparing them to some baby clothes. I think I'll do that.

You can see more details about the project here.

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