Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amanda & Katie

This is lesson 2 of the digital scrapbooking class I am taking with Jessica Sprague. I'm almost caught up with the class.

I really like how this page turned out! And you know what's really funny to me? It has PURPLE!! Do you see that? Did you have to look twice? It kinda reminds me of that quilt I posted about. I love these colors together. Originally the "&" was an orange, brown, etc. stripe paper, but I decided to change the hue/saturation to match the colors in my pictures better. I also really like the blending of the pictures (thank you gradient tool!). I felt it was time to finally upload the pictures I took on my trip and I was so glad I decided to take these pictures of my sisters because they worked perfect for this page. (Thank you Amanda and Katie!!)

I learned so much while creating this page. There are so many things I never knew existed in Photoshop. The program is HUGE!!! Maybe one day I'll share some of the things I learned...maybe. Ha!

And just for the record: I believe I'm letting a little bit more purple back into my life. *blush*
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