Monday, March 30, 2009


I've really been on a hybrid kick the last few days. It's been a lot of fun! But...there are some things about it that are bothering me a bit. I noticed that the colors are different from the original design and what's printed. I think I'll go back and look at what I have created on Photoshop in the past and what I had printed professionally and see if there are differences there...I don't think there are. It's hard to tell on this blog, but when I look at the completed project and compare it to what I created in Photoshop, there's a big difference with some of the colors.

The original Photoshop design. This was inspired by Rhonna Farrer. I really like her bright and fun designs.

Despite the color differences, I am having a lot of fun with hybrid...a little too much fun! Ha!
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Winter said...

These are great! Really it makes me want to try some digital or hybrid layouts! :)