Monday, January 17, 2011

50 Years

Hello! Did you have the day off of work today for MLK? I didn't. I came home from work and I had to decide between taking a nap or scrapping...I chose both! Ha!

I got caught up on a bunch of things this weekend. I cleaned up my craft area (which is shrinking), so now it looks much better! I finished scrapping the pictures for this project I started way back when. Now I have all of the pages waiting in Shutterfly, hoping they will have a super awesome sale pretty soon. I'm SO glad that project is complete. I felt bad that it took so long. Another thing I did was had the rest of the 2009 pages uploaded to be printed, along with what I have completed so far for 2010. I'll talk about printing later since I went with a different company this time. I still have many pictures to scrap for 2010. I would really like to get caught up before the baby comes. We shall see...

I believe I'm still working on scrapping my spring Michigan photos. These pictures were next:

I had so much fun creating this page! I used my Love Hearts kit.
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Rebekah said...

I LOVE this page and the colors! So pretty!! I'd like to know where you are thinking of ordering pages. I'm going to be ordering soon and am thinking of trying Persnickity. Have you tried them?

Leslie said...

I love your style! Great colors and the stitching is a great touch!

Jessica said...

What a lovely page!! I've been wanting to scrap photos from that weekend too. Maybe that's what I should work on next.
Yeah, Persnickety Prints is a nice company and really nice to deal with. I like them pretty well!