Monday, May 16, 2011

Recipe Project-continued

Two posts in one day! Wow!

A few years ago I started working on a recipe project. I remodeled a recipe box I had by putting patterned paper over it and making it more my style. I created tabbed recipe sections that are color-coded. I typed out all of my favorite recipes and put them on colored cardstock. I really have enjoyed using this color-coded system over the years! It saves me so much time now! It's hilarious though because for some of the recipes it's quite obvious that I didn't do a very good job at editing what I typed because there's funny typos.

Since I finished the first part of the project (that was a LOT of typing!) I have accumulated more recipes which I have kept in a manilla envelope with my cookbooks. I finally got the motivational urge to work on making some more recipe cards. I think having a new printer that works was also motivational.

This project will be an on-going project for the years to come as I accumulate more recipes. I'll probably need another recipe box, too.

I love how Tigger has to come check out everything I'm doing. Such a curious kitty!
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